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The Story of Weight of Butter

The Story of Weight of Butter : Once upon a time there has been a farmer who often bought butter to the shopkeeper. One day the shopkeeper determined to weigh the butter to peer if the farmer turned into giving him the total quantity of butter he paid for, however whether or not it turned into much less than the load of the butter he found.

Then the shopkeeper took the farmer to the courtroom docket to punish him upon getting the load of the butter less.

Then withinside the court, the choose requested the farmer why he offers much less butter than what he gets, whether or not he weighs butter nicely or not.

So on listening to this, the farmer replied, “Government, I admire you, I am a terrible man, in a few manner I make butter, however I actually have stated sufficient cash to shop for the measure, I actually have a lot cash to measure.” There isn’t anyt any weight then how will I recognize that I am giving much less butter.


The judge replied, “Then how do you weigh butter?”

To this the farmer replied; “Government, I had bought 1 kg of wheat from this shopkeeper to make bread and had to give butter to them as well, then I give butter to them by weighing the same amount of wheat as butter, so how can the farmer be less butter? Hearing this, the judge was convinced that the shopkeeper had given wheat to the farmer by weighing it less, then the wheat given to him was weighed and then the wheat turned out to be less.

Seeing this, the choose prosecuted the shopkeeper for duping the human beings and rewarded the farmer for his honesty.


The most effective lesson from this tale is that what you do to others, it’ll manifest to you, it is why one must by no means cheat absolutely everyone through taking benefit of a persons helplessness, so we get the identical lesson from this tale that by no means cheat others One must now no longer try and do what he does, he’ll should fill the identical day.

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