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The Lamp and the Blind Man

The Lamp and the Blind Man : Every man or woman has a few weak point of his very own, then a few human beings additionally have their very own ability, however whilst someone begins offevolved boasting of his powers, then regularly he speaks some thing that must now no longer be spoken however whilst a person is weak. And a helpless man or woman indicates a reflect to that man or woman together along with his words, then earlier than speakme some thing further, he has to assume over and over due to the fact whilst a person says some thing with out thinking, he truly receives remorse.

So let’s realize one such tale Motivational Kahani the Lamp and the Blind Man Moral Stories In English which teaches us the lesson of dwelling life.

There lived a blind guy in a city. That blind guy regularly carried a lamp with him withinside the darkish of night time. Lamp i.e. Lantern was once with it Once upon a time that blind guy turned into wearing a lamp of mild with him withinside the darkish of night time that simplest then a few individuals who knew him exceeded via way of means of him and seeing the lantern withinside the hand of that blind guy All the ones humans mocking the blind guy | The Blind Man stated that “while you can’t see then what’s the use of getting this lamp of mild to your hand”

So that blind individual stated humbly that “This lamp isn’t always for me, this lamp is for you human beings, I can stroll withinside the darkish due to the fact my lifestyles is complete of darkness, because of which I even have turn out to be a dependancy of residing withinside the darkish.” But you men can see handiest in sunlight hours and also you human beings have trouble of seeing withinside the darkish, so that you men do not push me taking walks withinside the darkish, so I preserve this lamp with me for you men.


Hearing this from the blind character, all the ones human beings have been very ashamed of themselves and prayed for forgiveness from that blind character and every body determined that now in destiny they may in no way say something with out thinking.

Learning From Story

Whenever we talk to someone, we have to reflect onconsideration on what we’re going to say.
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