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The story of the fruit of greed in English

The story of the fruit of greed : Small tales provide us incredible instructions, in fact, even though those tales are small, they may be discovered massive instructions of life, so nowadays thru this Kahani in Hindi, one such Hindi Kahani to inform you the fruit of greed. Going, from whom we will analyze a lot, so let’s understand the fruit of this Hindi tale greed.

There lives a negative farmer in a village, with whom his spouse additionally lived, the farmer become very sincere however his spouse become of a completely grasping nature, because of which she used to constantly taunt her husband that pass get a few income,

The terrible terrible farmer become stricken each day being attentive to his spouse’s taunts, he used to paintings difficult in his fields in the course of the day, but his spouse used to suppose that how wealthy we need to emerge as in a single stroke, that every one the happiness of the sector may be found,

But the farmer used to time and again give an explanation for to his spouse that what we get after running difficult is better, however wherein his spouse became going to apprehend, she couldn’t apprehend all these items simply due to her grasping nature,

The negative negative farmer turned into very unhappy paying attention to his wife’s name callings each day and he went to reduce timber withinside the woodland at some point and the solar turned into very robust that day, so the farmer were given worn-out right away due to the solar and warmth and he took a destroy to take rest. sat below the tree after which he began out considering his wife,

When a monk turned into passing via the woodland from there, whilst he noticed the farmer, he understood that the farmer is really upset, so he went to him,

The monk reached the farmer and right away requested approximately the farmer, then the farmer first bowed to the monk after which stated that no, I am now no longer disappointed, I am simply tired, so there ought to be a sense of fear at the face,

But the sage stated no, you’re clearly disappointed because of a few reason, so inform us, perhaps if I can assist you, then first the farmer refused that there may be no such thing, however after being informed again and again through the sage, the farmer is worried approximately the circumstance of his residence and wife. Told all approximately.

So the sage stated which you are negative, it truly is why all this trouble is with you, so I am providing you with this type of plate wherein in case you cowl the plate and sleep withinside the night time, you’ll sincerely get the factor you requested for withinside the morning. You additionally ought to maintain in thoughts that you need to ask for the equal factor in a single night time and in case you ask for multiple factor from this plate withinside the equal night time, then the following day all of the matters given with the aid of using this plate will disappear and and this plate additionally disappears. and you’ll be negative again,

So the farmer became very satisfied after taking note of the monk and concept in his mind, allow all matters progressively come to be wealthy from bad and our spouse may also be satisfied questioning that the farmer thanked that sadhu Maharaj after which fortuitously again to his home. came,

And instructed his spouse approximately that plate, before everything his spouse did now no longer believe, however at the persuasion of the farmer, she agreed and waited for the night time to come,

And whilst it became night time, the farmer and his spouse requested for gold cash from the plate, blanketed it and slept and shortly each of them fell asleep,

And whilst he awoke withinside the morning the subsequent day, he noticed that the plate become complete of gold coins, now there may be no location for the happiness of the farmer and his spouse, due to the fact the phrases of Sadhu Maharaj had emerge as true,

Now seeing the farmer’s spouse with such a lot of gold coins, extra greed arose in her thoughts and now she began out readorning her goals of happiness after which one night time she took the palace once more as a maid, then a servant and the entirety one through one. If she began out asking, each subsequent day she could get the aspect she wanted,

Now the farmer’s spouse had turn out to be wealthy from bad and there has been no vicinity for her happiness, however the greed of her thoughts became growing day via way of means of day, however the farmer used to inform her lots that we’ve got a lot wealth, however wherein is she going to believe? Was,

Meanwhile, the farmer had long gone out for a few vital paintings in the future and couldn’t go back domestic at night, so the farmer’s spouse had requested for lots of factors from the plate that night.

Then what changed into the following day, consistent with the announcement of Sadhu Maharaj, all of the matters given through that plate and plate from the start until now had disappeared and the farmer’s spouse had once more come to her damaged hut,

Seeing all this, she began out repenting, wherein the farmer additionally got here and seeing all this, it did now no longer take him a piece to recognize and spoke loads to his spouse and stated and greed, however now there has been not anything left besides to repent.

Because as stated greed is a awful force, someone does now no longer recognize fast and is familiar with it simplest whilst the whole thing is over and simplest repentance changed into left, so what’s using repenting now whilst the chook has gobbled the sector handjob

That is, whilst we must be alert in our life, we regularly say this, let’s have a look at the entirety and whilst the entirety has long past out of our hands, then we simply maintain on repenting.

That’s why we must in no way get grasping due to the fact whilst the sensation of greed arises withinside the mind, then irrespective of what number of matters we get, we nevertheless experience less.

And we experience that we get the ones matters faster however there’s additionally a time to get the whole thing as we see each day that the solar is dawn at its very own time, it rains at its very own time, then we want to get the whole thing. Don’t realize why it takes place so quick that despite the fact that we’ve matters, we experience less, so we need to usually hold a sense of contentment in our mind.


As it’s been stated that Santosham Param Sukham i.e. contentment is the maximum pleasurable, so we must by no means carry the sensation of greed in our mind.

So how did you all like this Hindi Kahani, please inform withinside the remark container and additionally proportion this story.

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