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The Story of The Foolish Monkey in English

The Story of The Foolish Monkey in English : It has been rightly stated that giving understanding to a idiot is a waste of some time and in case you ever provide understanding to a idiot more potent than yourself, then without a doubt that idiot can do you harm, so with out thinking, in no way provide understanding to a idiot. If we have to now no longer communicate approximately it, then let’s communicate approximately the silly monkey. Know this schooling from Bandar ki kahani.

Once upon a time there has been a chilly and silent night time of a fierce iciness rain. The climate became cold. There became a set of monkeys on a tree in a forest. They had been clinging to its branches. One of the monkeys said, “I desire we should have a few fire. It will assist maintain us warm.”

Suddenly they noticed a swarm of fireflies. One of the younger monkeys notion it changed into fire. He stuck a firefly. He positioned it beneathneath a dry leaf and began out flying on it. Some different monkeys additionally joined his efforts.

Meanwhile a sparrow got here flying close to its nest, which turned into at the equal tree on which the monkeys had been sitting. He noticed what they had been doing. The sparrow laughed. He said, “Oh silly monkeys which can be fireflies, now no longer actual fire. I suppose you all need to take refuge in a cave, even you humans have palms and feet, in case you want, you could construct your personal residence to keep away from bloodless and rain.

The monkeys did now no longer concentrate to the sparrow, and that they saved on catching the firefly.


After a while the monkeys were given very tired. Now he found out that what Sparrow had stated became correct. He freed the firefly, and angrily got here to the sparrow’s nest and destroyed their nest and went to the cave pronouncing which you have this lots understanding, then construct your new domestic again, we want your understanding is now no longer.

Learning From Story

In this story, we get the identical training that every so often giving understanding to a idiot has to price himself trouble, so earlier than ever talking proper matters to a idiot, one ought to clearly suppose once.

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