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Story of Snake and Mongoose in English

Story of Snake and Mongoose : By the way, in childhood, you heard the tale of snake and mongoose out of your grandparents or maternal grandparents, that’s referred to as the tale of mongoose and farmer, tale of mongoose and pundit. It is likewise acknowledged via way of means of the call of the tale of Mongoose and Brahmin’s wife, you need to have heard that this tale is taken from Panchatantra tale, that’s a totally well-known and exact gaining knowledge of tale, so let’s visit this snake and mongoose tale. Story | Saap Aur Nevla Ki Kahani | The tale of Mongoose and Panditine is instructed here, analyzing which you’ll get a very good lesson from this tale.

Long ago, in a village, a farmer Brahmin lived together along with his spouse. Both of them did now no longer have any children. Due to which each of them was very worried, then after some years, a loved baby became born of their house. At home, the Brahmin’s spouse cherished her baby very much. Never depart her baby alone

One day the spouse of a farmer Brahmin noticed a small infant mongoose outdoor her residence, seeing which the Brahmin felt pity at the infant mongoose and he or she took him in the residence and raised him as her very own child. She additionally began out elevating the youngsters of that mongoose.

The farmer’s spouse could frequently go away for work, leaving each the kid and the mongoose by myself at domestic after the husband’s departure. The mongoose used to take complete care of the kid throughout this time. Seeing the large affection among the two, the Brahmin’s spouse became very happy.

But in my coronary heart I used to assume that this mongoose won’t damage my infant. After all, that mongoose is likewise an animal and no person can agree with the intelligence of an animal. Time surpassed and the affection among the mongoose and the brahmin’s infant grew deeper.

One day the farmer Brahmin had long past out of his work. As quickly because the husband left, the farmer’s spouse additionally went out leaving her baby by myself withinside the house. Meanwhile, a snake entered his house. Here, the Brahmin farmer’s baby become dozing comfortably. On the alternative hand, the snake began out shifting unexpectedly in the direction of that baby. There become additionally a weasel nearby. As quickly because the mongoose noticed the snake, he have become alert. The mongoose fast rushed in the direction of the snake and there has been a protracted combat among the two.

At closing the mongoose killed the snake and stored the kid’s life. After killing the snake, the mongoose sat readily withinside the courtyard of the house.

Meanwhile the Brahmin’s spouse back home. As quickly as she noticed the mongoose’s face, she were given scared. The mongoose’s mouth become soaked withinside the blood of the snake, however this made the Brahmin farmer’s spouse assume otherwise. She commenced trembling with anger. He notion that the mongoose had killed his liked son. Thinking this, the Brahmin’s spouse picked up a stick and beat the mongoose to death.

After killing the mongoose, the brahmin ran speedy within the residence to peer her child. There the kid became giggling and gambling with toys. During this, his eyes went to the snake mendacity nearby. On seeing the snake, Dev Kanya felt very sorry. She additionally cherished the mongoose very much, however in anger and infatuation together along with her child, she killed the mongoose with out questioning anything. Now the Brahmin’s spouse commenced crying loudly, however via way of means of then it became too late.

At the identical time the Brahmin farmer additionally back domestic. Hearing the cry of his wife, he ran in the house. He asked, “Why are you crying, what happened?” She informed the entire tale to her husband. The Brahmin became very unhappy to pay attention approximately the demise of the mongoose. Saddened, the Brahmin said, “You were punished for leaving the kid on my own at domestic and for disbelief.”

We must now no longer do any paintings in anger with out wondering anyone. Also, the thread of religion must in no way be allowed to interrupt because of doubt. If we do any paintings with out wondering in anger, then absolutely we get remorse, because it has been said –

That is, the person that receives indignant with none reason, frequently has to go through losses because of the movements accomplished via way of means of his anger, so we need to continually assume cautiously earlier than doing any paintings in order that we do now no longer should remorse later.


This mongoose and the farmer’s tale to all of you. Story of Mongoose and Panditine | The tale of Nevla and Brahmin’s wife, Saap Aur Nevla Ki Hindi Kahani kaisa laga, need to inform withinside the remark box.

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