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Story of Sheikh Chilli

Story of Sheikh Chilli in English : To stay a wholesome life, it’s miles very vital to snigger and to carry laughter, Sheikh Chilli’s humorous memories honestly pressure us to snigger, they are saying that your laughter is the name of the game of your lengthy and wholesome life, so we have to snigger openly, so let’s wither To carry laughter at the faces of the humorous characters of laughter, they recognise the memories of Shekhchilli.

Sheikh Chilli, who turned into regularly misplaced in thoughts, because of which ordinary acts used to show up to him, because of which later he have become the giggling inventory of the people, so let’s realize the humorous tales and tales of Sheikh Chilli.

Once Mian Sheikh Chilli changed into going in the direction of his residence withinside the darkish night, whilst he noticed 4 humans going someplace with their toes down, Mian Sheikh Chilli went to them and requested in which are you going at this time.

Only then the ones 4 humans felt that he’s additionally a thief like us and he is likewise going to steal, so that they instructed Sheikh Chilli with out worry that each one 4 people are thieves and we’re going to steal.

Mian Sheikh Chilli began out questioning that I too be a part of him in order that I gets to examine some thing new. Mian Sheikh requested Chilli to accompany them however the thieves refused. Mian Sheikh Chilli turned into time and again inquiring for him to take them with him, then the thieves stated it is okay. The 4 thieves and Mian Sheikh Chilli slowly began out shifting ahead withinside the darkish night.

After going a few distance, he noticed a pricey residence and he slowly entered internal it. One of these 4 thieves told Sheikh Chilli now no longer to make any sound in any other case we are able to be stuck and constantly continue to be hidden and slowly locate the property and money. This become Mian Sheikh Chilli’s first theft, so he become very curious, he concept let’s assist him.

Mian Sheikh Chilli and all of the 4 thieves commenced looking the complete residence for valuables and money. Mian Sheikh became seeking out chillies however unexpectedly he smelled the odor of kheer cooking. Mian Sheikh Chilli’s mouth watered and went in the direction of him to devour it. The concept that they have got come to scouse borrow were given out in their mind, they had been best in a rush to devour kheer.

Mian Shaikh Chilli reached the kitchen wherein kheer turned into being organized and noticed an antique lady sitting on a chair whilst making kheer and possibly she turned into blinded. Mian Sheikh Chilli served kheer in a bowl and began out eating, then abruptly the antique lady placed her hand toward him in her sleep, then Sheikh Chilli felt that the antique lady turned into hungry and turned into soliciting for kheer. .

Due to the kheer being very hot, the antique female’s hand were given burnt and Til-Mila were given up and began out crying. Hearing the screams of the antique female, humans accumulated around, now there has been no manner for the 4 thieves and Mian Sheikh Chilli to escape, so that they concealed withinside the equal house. Then the antique female instructed that a few thieves have entered this house, anyone began out trying to find the thief, most effective then one thief become caught.

Everyone beat him plenty and saved asking him questions, what did you return back right here to steal?

what did you steal

“Thief – cross upstairs”

The thief changed into pronouncing this once more and once more –

visit the pinnacle visit the pinnacle

So human beings concept allow him cross, he constantly recollects Allah in everything, then all of sudden there has been a valid of banging.

Mian Sheikh Chilli became hiding upstairs who jumped down and stated even as killing the thief, he stated, you and your partners thieve and use my name, the only above knows. Mian Sheikh Chilli informed every body that this thief and his 3 accomplices have been coming to thieve, then I noticed them and I additionally joined them, those 4 thieves have come to thieve, I additionally joined them to look what those human beings Let’s do it, human beings discovered the closing 3 thieves and beat them up, in the meantime Mian Shekhchilli slipped away seeing the opportunity.

Once upon a time, early withinside the morning, Sheikh Chilli Miyan reached the marketplace. He sold eggs from the marketplace and placed the ones eggs in a basket on his head, then he commenced going toward home. On the manner home, he commenced having desires in his thoughts that if youngsters pop out of those eggs, then I can have many chickens. All the ones hens will lay plenty of eggs.

I becomes wealthy through promoting the ones eggs withinside the marketplace. After turning into wealthy, I will preserve a servant who will purchase all of the matters for me. After that I will construct a palace like a high priced residence for myself. There may be all types of grand comforts in that massive residence.

It can have separate rooms for eating, resting and sitting. After getting the residence decorated, I will marry a virtuous, stunning, stunning and rich girl. I will even preserve a servant for my spouse and purchase exceptional clothes, earrings etc. for her. After marriage, I can have 5-6 children, I will boost them with masses of pampering. And then once they develop up, I gets them married. Then they may have children. Then I will thankfully play with my grandchildren.


Mian Sheikh Chilli turned into occurring waving in his thoughts, even as Sheikh Chilli’s leg stumbled and the basket of eggs positioned on his head fell to the floor with a thud. As quickly because the basket of eggs fell at the floor, all of the eggs burst and were given ruined. Along with the bursting of eggs, goals like Khayali Pulao of Mian Sheikh Chilli additionally shattered.

Learning From Story

We get the identical lesson from those tales of Sheikh Chilli that we must pop out of the arena of imaginary desires and stay withinside the global of reality, due to the fact taking into account desires handiest makes us think, however to lead them to come true, we should stay withinside the global of reality. Is.

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