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Story of Magic Pencil

Story of Magic Pencil in English : In childhood, we used to pay attention many memories from our grandmothers, which have been very interesting and well-teaching memories, paying attention to which we have been all inspired and we used to attend to pay attention new memories each day, so nowadays we’re going to proportion with you. We have provide you with a comparable Kahani for which all of us get an excellent lesson, so let’s inform the tale of this magical pencil.

Once upon a time there lived a completely bad boy in a village, his call changed into Ravi, he got here from a completely bad own circle of relatives whose mother and father used to stay their lifestyles with awesome difficulty, on this manner he really through disturbing from the human beings in a few manner or He used to consume meals through running tough and those used to present him a few cash or meals after seeing his poverty, however Ravi changed into very hardworking.

And regularly used to assist the human beings, used to get the blind and helpless human beings throughout the road, then used to present water to the thirsty, because of which the human beings round him had been very plenty stricken by him,

He used to paintings tough everyday, even though he did now no longer have any paintings, however he used to visit the human beings and ask for paintings and anything paintings became given to him, he used to try this paintings properly and Ravi used to get a few money. And via way of means of which he used to do his studies,

It is an issue of in the future that the Mahatma surpassed through Ravi’s residence, whose eyes had been bright, he become very thirsty, after which after coming close to Ravi’s residence, Ravi comes and asks, and then Ravi takes water from the residence as consistent with his habit. Came and gave Mahatma ji water to drink, hence Mahatma ji become thirsty, he become very glad with Ravi’s nature after which he took out a pencil in his package deal and gave it to Ravi and stated that Ravi is that this not unusualplace and regular pencil. No, anything you are making with this pencil becomes real.

In this manner Ravi changed into very satisfied to get that pencil and now he may want to take away his poverty with the assist of this pencil, after that he changed into very hungry so he right now used to attract a photo of meals with that pencil, and then that photo is true. I had cooked meals, now Ravi had whole religion in Mahatma ji’s words,

Slowly, on this way, Ravi stored on making the matters he wished and on the other hand he have become wealthy from terrible after which began out supporting humans through making matters wished through that pencil. After which this factor spreads to the entire village and as a consequence the king involves recognize approximately it, because of which Ravi is referred to as to the king’s courtroom docket and it’s far stated that you need to make diamonds and pearls there for the king. handjob.

As quickly as Ravi is going to the king’s court, Raja asks Ravi to make masses of diamonds and pearls, however Ravi refuses to make pearls and diamonds and says I am the usage of this magic pencil most effective to assist terrible people. and I might not make diamonds and pearls for you.

On listening to this, the king receives irritated and he places Suraj withinside the dungeon in which it’s miles very darkish however Ravi isn’t afraid in any respect due to the fact he had a magic pencil with him and he turned into the primary to set up mild there. After that he escapes via way of means of creating a manner withinside the dungeon.

In this manner, Ravi facilitates many negative humans after leaving the dungeon and usually maintains giving them via way of means of making essential matters for them.


In this manner all of the negative human beings stand on their toes and begin their very own commercial enterprise in order that now they by no means want to stretch their palms in the front of anyone. And on this manner Ravi progressively have become richer than that king and due to supporting human beings, human beings made him their king and sooner or later Ravi turns into the king of that country and consequently due to Ravi’s goodness he’s now a good deal greater than negative. The wealthy had turn out to be the king,

Learning From Story

This tale offers us the equal schooling that if we used to assist human beings irrespective of their care and someday suitable matters take place to us too, so we ought to continually comply with the route of righteousness and assist.

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