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Story of Magic Mill in English

Story of Magic Mill in English : Children’s testimonies of witchcraft are superb and thrilling, kids pay attention to such magic testimonies with first rate hobby and regularly all people likes magical testimonies very much, so let’s have one such Jadui Chakki Ki Kahani (Story) in English) that is a superb story.

There lived a person named Ramu in a village, he changed into very poor, his own circle of relatives changed into in quite a few problem due to the fact he couldn’t offer any facility to his own circle of relatives, because of which his own circle of relatives changed into in problem, however he used to suppose that anything God They do well, it is able to additionally be that God should have concept of some thing desirable for them, which they’ll provide simplest while the time comes.

One day, Ramu turned into slumbering at night, while he desires that a magic mill involves him, he asks for many stuff for himself from that magical mill, that’s finishing all of the issues in the front of him, that magical mill is for them in each way. She can grind the flour, that too it used to occur simplest with the aid of using taking the name, Ramu turned into liking the dream very plenty however while Ramu involves understand approximately how lengthy this dream turned into, while his dream breaks due to the fact it’s miles morning. get ups,

When it’s far morning, Ramu wakes up and tells his spouse that nowadays I noticed a mystical mill in my dream, this mill turned into doing all of the paintings for us, the spouse stated that that is a dream however in fact it’s far now no longer. You have woken up and such desires do now no longer come true, in truth our circumstance could be very bad, we aren’t capable of do anything, Ramu additionally understood this.

Ramu is going to his paintings however he did now no longer overlook the dream of the mystical mill, he remembered that he had located that magical mill withinside the river bank. But there’s no magic mill, he receives unhappy while he sees a ship coming there’s nobody on this boat Ramu is going in the direction of that boat and says that there’s nobody in it however a mill is saved it method my dream has come true,

That magic mill which turned into in my dream is stored right here he will become very glad nowadays his dream turned into fulfilled he is taking that magic mill and is going domestic he is going to spouse and says that my The dream has been fulfilled, I actually have observed this magical mill, my spouse sees it and says that that is true, do you understand how it works.

The guy says that some thing call is taken in the front of this magical mill, after that it’s going to begin working, it may supply some thing we want, however the spouse did now no longer trust in this,

Ramu stated that a number of flour involves our house, after that the mill begins offevolved walking and a number of flour comes, after that Ramu says that I need to get a number of pulses, that magical mill additionally grinds pulses, these days Ramu’s own circle of relatives is full. The belly changed into ingesting food, these days he felt that God constantly does good.

Now his days have been approximately to alternate due to the fact he had now were given meals, nowadays he had no shortage, despite the fact that he did now no longer covet cash due to the fact he used to reserve meals for himself from that magical mill, each time he felt hungry, he used that magical mill. Even the spouse now knew that now we are able to now no longer must face trouble, her neighbor become due to the fact that nowadays she has the entirety to eat.

Whereas there has been a time whilst he did now no longer have anything, there may be truely some thing at the back of this which I do now no longer understand, he additionally stands close to his residence at night time to peer this due to the fact he desired to understand that each one this How is it taking place He become status close to the window and looking a Jadui Chakki doing all this he could not agree with it however whilst he become looking he become now satisfied that he become doing all this via way of means of magic mill has been.

That neighbor now desired to take that magical mill due to the fact he can do the entirety he is going to his residence and says that we need to depart this village this night best due to the fact if we stay right here then every person can take that magic mill Maybe his spouse says that what does this magical mill do, her husband says that it may do the entirety, also can supply us money.

That neighbor steals the mystical mill from their residence due to the fact he is aware of that this magical mill can do everything, he says that now I actually have were given this mill, now we must stroll from here, that neighbor takes that magical mill He is aware of that now it’s going to now no longer be proper for us to live here, he turned into going from one boat to every other village however his spouse did now no longer trust so she says that we must ask for some thing from this magical mill, after that it will likely be recognised whether or not this magic mill is running or now no longer,


That neighbor says which you do now no longer consider however I am certain due to the fact I noticed them doing this, he tells the magic mill to offer us masses of pulses, that mill runs and offers them pulses however does now no longer prevent that guy says That I do now no longer realize the way to prevent it, after that that boat sinks with weight. And on this manner each of them drown with the boat and must lose their lives and as a consequence they get the end result in their greed.

Learning From Story

In this way, this tale tells us that we have to by no means do incorrect things, and with the aid of using doing greed, we’ve our personal loss.

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