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Story of Forest

Story of Forest in English : They say that regardless of how true humans of evil nature faux to be, however they can’t surrender their evil nature, so let’s cross to inform the tale of one of these jungle, from which we get schooling from this Jungle Ki Kahani. That is, the business enterprise of evil humans have to be avoided.

Once upon a time in a forest, a donkey and a fox made a % with a lion that each one 3 of them could look for meals collectively withinside the forest. They idea that through looking for meals collectively they could get some thing to consume and they might now no longer ought to starve. At first the donkey and the fox had been afraid to component methods with the lion. But withinside the greed of having meals, he forgot his fear. The 3 of them hunted thoroughly collectively. All 3 of them looked for meals withinside the forest. While looking for meals, all 3 of them reached the financial institution of the river.

The 3 of them determined that amongst them the donkey might discover the animal to hunt. When he unearths the prey he’s going to attempt to befriend it. Then while the donkey is speaking to the victim, the opposite will cover and watch his actions and the fox could be the primary to move and pounce at the animal for the prey. Will run farfar from the fox to store his life. The scared animal will come withinside the manner of the lion to break out from the fox and the lion will leap on that animal and kill it in a single blow.

In the nighttime all of the 3 animals had been worn-out however they collected in the front of the lion’s cave happy. The lion ordered the donkey to divide the hunted animal into 3 elements. The donkey become very happy. He felt that the lion had requested him to percentage the prey due to the fact he relied on and favored him. The donkey cleverly divided the hunted animal into 3 identical elements. The donkey stated to the lion, ‘Sir, I actually have divided the prey into 3 elements as you stated. Now each of you may have your food.’

The lion stared on the donkey for a minute after which stated to it, ‘Oh! So you suspect each of you must get as an awful lot proportion as me. You assume you’ve got got achieved a extraordinary task on this recreation via way of means of simply speaking to the prey and you’re evaluating your paintings with killing my prey.’ Saying this the lion pounced at the donkey and killed it for a second. I killed Then he requested the fox to proportion the meals he had caught.

The fox accrued the hunted meals collectively and gave maximum of it to the lion and stored a few meals for himself. The lion changed into very glad to peer this.


The lion said, ‘Who taught you the a part of sharing meals? You distribute meals withinside the proper way. The fox said, ‘I discovered it from you. When you killed the donkey, I understood which you have to deliver greater share.’ The fox had made up her thoughts that she might now no longer accomplice with the lion any longer.

Learning From Story

This tale teaches us that irrespective of how suitable the depraved might also additionally faux to be, however whilst the time comes, they display their actual shape ie wickedness, so it’s miles higher for us to live farfar from the friendship of such people.

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