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Story of Cinderella

Story of Cinderella : In childhood, we used to pay attention maximum of the fairy testimonies from our grandmothers, wherein a princess or prince of a fairy u . s . could come and take us with them, which such memories used to create a number of curiosity, so let’s undergo this worrying life. Today, thru Cinderella Ki Kahani, I take you to the land of fairies, paying attention to the tale of which you may additionally sense very good.

Long time ago, there lived a businessman in a kingdom, he had a totally lovely and lovable infant woman. The one whose call turned into ‘Ella’ turned into now no longer Ella’s mother. She had exceeded away in her childhood. And that little woman Ella used to cry ordinary remembering her mother.

Ella’s father used to tour regularly in reference to business, so to attend to Ella and to make up for the shortage of her mom, he remarried to a widowed lady. The lady already had daughters, Ella cherished her new mom and sisters very a good deal however her stepmother and sisters have been very wicked, they constantly idea of approaches to annoy the stunning little female Ella .

Days have been passing like this and over again Ella’s father went out of nation for commercial enterprise and in no way returned, as he had died in a sea accident, and then Ella have become all alone, wherein her stepmother got here home. She have become the mistress, she and her daughters commenced oppressing Ella and she or he could make her do all of the family chores and could herself relaxation at some point of the day. Ella, who as soon as lived like her father’s fairy princesses, now needed to put on her antique garments and shoes, and accordingly Ella have become a maid in her very own house.

When Ella turned into worn-out after running all day, she slept at the facet of the hearth after which while she were given up withinside the morning, she could locate the ashes (cinder) of the hearth mendacity on her, consequently her sisters referred to as her Cinder-Ella. teasing. Gradually her call got here to be ‘Cinderella’.

Cinderella could spend all her time doing housework, gambling with rats and a touch chook in some thing time she were given, as a result she turned into the best friend.

Once withinside the nation in which Ella lived, it became introduced that a big procession became being prepared withinside the palace, wherein all of the ladies of the nation have been invited, the prince of the nation could pick out his princess from the ladies who got here there. Was approximately to

After listening to this statement of the prince, all of the women of the nation commenced dreaming of marrying the prince. Both Cinderella’s sisters have been additionally very excited to visit the procession, Cinderella changed into additionally keen to look the palace and the procession there.

But her stepmother did now no longer need Cinderella to head there due to the fact Cinderella seemed very stunning even in torn garments and her daughters had been unsightly even in stunning garments. Due to which her stepmother become afraid that the prince won’t like Cinderella, so she did now no longer permit Cinderella to visit the celebration and requested to live at domestic after giving quite a few work.

Cinderella were given depressed and commenced doing housework, at the same time as her sisters dressed up in new garments went to the birthday birthday celebration with their mother. After completing the housework, Cinderella sat down via way of means of the fireside and commenced considering the birthday birthday celebration. His pals rats and little birds have been gambling close to him. They attempted difficult to make her laugh, however Cinderella’s unhappy coronary heart couldn’t laugh.

Suddenly Cinderella’s eyes have been dazzled with the aid of using the brilliant mild. After the mild dimmed, Cinderella noticed an angel status in the front of her. Cinderella become amazed to look the angel.

The fairy got here to Cinderella and lovingly requested her the purpose for her sadness. Cinderella informed her what become on her mind. Then the angel requested him, “Ella! Do you need to visit the party?”

Cinderella replied. “Yes, I need to cross, however I cannot cross there.”

Then the angel asked. “But why cannot I pass?”

So to this Ella said, “If I pass there in those torn clothes, then the concierge will now no longer permit me to enter.”

The fairy smiled and wielded her magic wand, and the very subsequent second Cinderella changed into status in a completely stunning dress. She changed into searching very stunning in the ones clothes. After this the fairy requested Cinderella to deliver a pumpkin. He grew to become the pumpkin right into a stunning buggy together along with his magic wand. Cinderella’s mouse buddies have become horses and the little chook have become a coachman. Now Cinderella changed into prepared to visit the procession. Before leaving, the fairy gave him stunning glass footwear to put on on his toes and a masks for his eyes, in order that no person should apprehend him.

Cinderella sat at the buggy. On the way, the fairy warned him that he could must go back earlier than 12 o’clock in any case. Because after 12 o’clock his magic will give up and the entirety can be as earlier than. She will come once more in torn clothes, the buggy becomes a pumpkin, the pony rat and the coachman bird.

Cinderella left from there promising to return back lower back earlier than 12 o’clock. When she reached the procession, everyone’s eyes have been constant on her. She turned into the prettiest of the ladies who got here to the prom. Her stepmother and sisters have been additionally amazed to look her. But due to the mask, she couldn’t understand Cinderella.

When the prince noticed him, he couldn’t take his eyes off him. He went to her and invited her to bop with him. The prince danced with Cinderella all evening. Both his sisters and different ladies gift withinside the procession have been jealous of him. While dancing, the prince requested her call numerous times, however Cinderella did now no longer inform her anything.

She changed into very satisfied to return back to Cinderella’s prom. So satisfied that she forgot what the angel had said. When the clock struck 12 o’clock withinside the night, she remembered what the fairy had said. She ran out of the palace in fear. The prince additionally ran after him. He fell in love together along with her and desired to recommend marriage to her. But Cinderella did not stop. In a hurry, the glass shoe of one in all his toes changed into left on the door of the palace. Which the prince picked up.

Upon achieving home, Cinderella is lower back in her vintage clothes, the buggy has come to be a pumpkin again, the mice and the little chook have againof their form. After coming lower back, Cinderella thanked the angel very much. The angel left after giving her a number of blessings.

As the times passed, the prince startedto overlook Cinderella a lot. He desired to locate her. That’s why he were given the entirekingdomintroduced that the woman on whose ftthat cup shoe will come. He will marry her only.

All the ladies of the country desired to marry the prince, so anyone commenced telling that cup shoe as their own. Everyone attempted difficult to put on that shoe, however it did now no longer are available anyone’s feet.

One day the prince reached Cinderella’s residence together along with his servants. Cinderella’s half-sisters have been thrilled to peer the prince at her home. She desired the prince to marry her. Both of them attempted in each manner that that cup shoe must come on their feet, however they couldn’t achieve this effort. Eventually the prince stuck sight of Cinderella peeping via the door and invited her to position on shoes.


When Cinderella placed on the shoe, it got here to his feet. Seeing this his stepmother and sisters had been shocked. Cinderella additionally took out the opposite shoe and placed it on. The prince become very satisfied seeing this. He understood that Cinderella become the equal girl. He went beforehand and proposed marriage to Cinderella. Cinderella fortuitously stated yes, then each of them were given married and began out residing fortuitously with every other. And then sooner or later he needed to go away this state due to his stepmother and her misbehavior.

Learning From Story

This tale offers the identical training that irrespective of what number of problems might also additionally are available in our life, however if we trust in ourselves and God, then truely in the future our sorrows can even end.

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