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Story of a King and a Girl

Story of a King and a Girl : Hindi Kahani of a king and a female Today we research plenty on this small Raja Ki Kahani In Hindi Post, as soon as upon a time, a king went to the wooded area to hunt, seeing a deer, he killed his horse. ran after him. While chasing the deer, the relaxation of his partners stayed at the back of him.

The king reached a ways away in a forest, in which there has been no water for miles, the king become substantially distraught with the aid of using thirst, while the king and a few others have been older, he noticed a farmer’s hut, the king ran to the hut. Where the eight-nine-year-antique woman become gambling close to that hut, the king stated to that woman, daughter, convey a pitcher of water soon, I am very thirsty.

The female, taking the king as a not unusualplace traveler, introduced him a cot and requested him to take a seat down and taken a pitcher of water and surpassed it to the king. And withinside the identical passion, he commenced announcing to that female, “Where is your father? The female replied, “We have long past to combine the soil with the soil.

The king were given greater indignant at the lady, however she changed into thirsty, needed to drink water, that is why the king suppressed the anger and began out announcing that convey greater smooth water, that lady once more went within the hut to convey water,

At the identical time, the girl’s father additionally got here there, he at once diagnosed the king and he bowed to the king and began out announcing, “Huzoor, how did you return back to a terrible hut? The king began out announcing that I had come to the wooded area for hunting, I actually have come farfar from my companions, I turned into very thirsty, right here I requested for water out of your daughter, then your daughter delivered straws withinside the water, When I requested approximately you, he stated that “We have long past to combine the soil with the soil”.

The king became very thrilled to peer the cleverness of the female and positioned a necklace of treasured diamonds from his neck round that female’s neck, liberating her from the miseries of poverty for all time and ever.

When even the king right here is thrilled and frees us from the miseries right here, then the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, agrees, then who’s able to giving us any type of trouble? But proper love is wanted to delight God.


By doing many japas, austerities, yogas and sacrifices, there can’t be love in God. One who has now no longer managed his thoughts and senses, the chanting, yoga etc. achieved through him is just like the tubtub of an elephant, who after bathing withinside the river, pours the dirt on all his limbs.

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