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Fairy Tales Hindi Story

Fairy Tales in English : In the times of childhood, all of us used to get to pay attention many memories from grandparents, maternal grandparents frequently withinside the night, wherein the tale of Paryo changed into very thrilling, we used to dive into the arena of creativeness of those memories of Paryo as though We all used to attain the arena wherein happiness changed into happiness, that is, those fairy memories used to make us very happy, so these days we’re sharing Pariyon Ki Kahani, a fairy story for all of the children, through analyzing which we are able to keep in mind the times of childhood. Can keep in mind again. So let’s proportion this Pari Ki Kahani.

The little angel become very beautiful, type and playful. She used to assist people. She used to assist the youngsters a lot. She extensively utilized to have a variety of a laugh with the youngsters.

The little fairy had a magic wand and a flying cradle. She ought to do something she desired with the magic wand and flow from one region to any other like a flying cradle.

A little angel become flying via way of means of a lake. He noticed a boy sitting there sad. The little angel went to him and requested him, “What happened?” Why are you sitting sad? Tell me. I will assist you ,

The toddler said, “My call is Ravi. I got here to my grandmother’s residence with my brother and sister. Came right here to play with them from there. I stopped right here and commenced looking the moves of the fishes, withinside the in the meantime they went ahead. Now I do not know the manner forward. how will i am going domestic People will nevertheless tease me if I attain domestic late. Now inform me what must I do? ,

That’s all. I will drop you home” stated the little angel. After that the little angel gestured to Ravi to live there and went to a touch peak after which got here and stated, “Is your brother carrying blue pant and white wager and sister carrying purple frock. ,

Ravi stated happily, “Yes, she is carrying the equal dress.” however how do you know? are you looking them Show me too Smiling, the little angel decreased the flying cot and made Ravi take a seat down on it and took him to a touch peak.

Ravi noticed that his brothers and sisters have been attempting to find him everywhere. Ravi changed into feeling very bad. He requested the little angel to take him to his siblings.

The little angel made Ravi take a seat down at the flying cot and each of them reached the vicinity wherein Ravi’s brothers and sisters have been in no time. Ravi says sorry to her.

Everyone became afflicted through starvation and thirst. The little angel waved her magic wand and right away gulab jamuns, barfi, namkeen, samosas etc. appeared. Everyone had a complete belly breakfast and after that the angel additionally requested for water. After that everybody had a number of fun.

The angel took them to the sky, among the clouds and on occasion to lovely gardens. All of them additionally performed antakshari. Now it became evening. The little fairy once more known as for the flying basket and anyone sat on it and went closer to Ravi’s maternal grandfather’s house.

They reached domestic in no time. The little angel dropped them withinside the courtyard. The youngsters had been very glad after attaining domestic. Now on every occasion he felt like calling Pari, he used to have loads of amusing with her. time elapsed. One day Ravi become going to the marketplace together along with his maternal uncle. Then he noticed a few small youngsters begging. He become feeling very bad.

He stated to his maternal uncle, “Do their dad and mom now no longer educate them?” Then his maternal uncle stated, “They are poor. Somehow they get food. ,

Ravi turned into very unhappy to pay attention this. He informed this element to the little angel withinside the evening. The little angel stated, “We will educate the ones children. We will supply them books. ,

After this Ravi advised this to his maternal uncle. His maternal uncle became very happy. He contacted an NGO. He took the duty of coaching negative children.

After that, with the assist of little Pari, Ravi and his maternal uncle gave quite a few books and pens and a few cash to the NGO. He began out coaching the ones children.


In this way, that little angel usually used to assist Ravi, in order that with the assist of the angel, Ravi used to assist others after which regularly Ravi had grow to be precise withinside the eyes of the people.

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