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Bad Result of Bad Education

Bad Result of Bad Education in English : It became a long term in the past that there lived a businessman named Ramu in a city, who became a totally stingy and foxy person, he usually concept approximately incomes most cash, so for max cash he used to He used to use measures in order that his profits might be maximized, for which he used to promote adulterated objects in his store and used to inform his own circle of relatives contributors to do the same.

And each time he used to promote matters through adulteration, from time to time his son, whose call turned into Shyam, used to invite that father, why do you promote all matters through adulteration, then Ramu used to mention that if he sells natural matters to the humans, then greater natural matters might be sold.

It can motive damage to humans and fitness also can deteriorate, natural matters are dangerous to humans’s fitness, so looking after humans’s fitness, he used to promote adulterated matters. And on this manner he used to inspire his son and his own circle of relatives contributors to do the identical after which he had additionally taught the paintings of adulteration to his son Shyam.

Due to which court cases of adulteration of humans regularly used to are available in his shop, because of which Shyam used to suppose that consuming natural matters is injurious to health, however at the contrary, humans come to whinge and he regularly used to look that father turned into at home.

There turned into no adulteration withinside the matters that have been taken out for Due to which Shyam used to secretly adulterate the family objects, in order that no person got here to realize approximately this, however whilst Ramu used to take a seat down right all the way down to eat, he might truely sense that there has been adulteration withinside the meals objects of the house, however having religion in himself Ramu couldn’t inform each person approximately adulteration due to the fact of

Then step by step after a while passed, sooner or later Ramu fell sick and his situation have become so vulnerable that he became now no longer capable of even stand up from the cot, so now he needed to spend his lifestyles through ingesting meals and milk whilst mendacity at the cot.

And on this way, Shyam used to offer milk, meals etc. to his father. He used to drink the milk himself and supply it to his father with the aid of using blending the relaxation with water, because of which Ramu additionally felt that there has been adulteration of water withinside the milk, however because of the truth that it become selfmade milk, he did now no longer doubt the state of affairs of adulteration.

But his weak point turned into growing day through day, so he commenced to suspect that there is probably adulteration withinside the milk, so in the future secretly began out listening to his Shyam to discover out, then he noticed that his son turned into ingesting milk. Ramu himself is bringing 1/2 of of the milk combined with water earlier than bringing it. Ramu turned into shocked to look this situation.

Meanwhile, whilst Shyam got here to his father with milk, Ramu without delay asked, “Why do you upload water to the milk you convey me? Don’t you’ve got got every other milk at domestic to drink?” Hearing this query from father, Shyam said, “Father, you’re the only who says that ingesting and consuming natural matters is injurious to fitness, it has a horrific effect, so mom did now no longer blend water in milk, however I blended milk in milk to enhance your fitness.” blended with water So that there’s no damage in your fitness from this natural milk, because of which your ailment does now no longer growth further, it really is why I do this.

After taking note of Shyam, now Ramu had found out his mistake that he has given incorrect training to his son and his own circle of relatives members, the outcomes of which he himself has to stand today. Had it happened, because of which he could now no longer have fallen unwell in one of these horrible way, however now it turned into too late, what needed to show up had happened, now handiest through repenting and rectifying the mistake, he should have lived properly.

After this, Ramu took a vow that now he’ll by no means do such incorrect matters for cash and could go away the paintings of adulteration and in this aspect Ramu instructed all his errors to his own circle of relatives participants and commenced coaching everybody to comply with the coolest path. . In this manner Ramu had taught himself to do good.


Learning From Story

It is understood from this tale that the incorrect course Ramu had followed had were given its horrific impact withinside the shape of his very own horrific fitness and illness, then repenting his mistake, he had discovered to adulterate each time and this proper Gave schooling to my own circle of relatives individuals as well

In this manner, this tale teaches us that we ought to in no way motel to the incorrect manner to earn money, and ought to in no way cheat human beings due to the fact if we cheat someone, then genuinely such fraud and Cheating can take place with ourselves, so we ought to continually train our destiny technology to do the proper thing, the end result of which may be visible later and the end result of terrible paintings continually comes out terrible.

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