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A story on how to make life better

A story on how to make life better in English : Everyone desires to make existence higher than every other, and for this humans paintings tough day and night, so these days on this submit we’ve got introduced you this type of tale, the way to make existence higher, with a view to assist us to make existence higher. Along with it additionally offers precise education, so let’s begin this Hindi tale the way to make existence higher now.

In latest time, the most important want of every body is that his lifestyles and way of life need to be higher than higher, however withinside the preference of this higher lifestyles, guy offers the maximum crucial region to cash and wealth, in line with a saying, cash isn’t the entirety and cash isn’t the entirety. Nothing takes place with out it.

This proverb suits flawlessly in state-of-the-art social environment, however as a ways as cash is concerned, sources of happiness may be sold with cash, however happiness can not be sold, withinside the identical way, beds may be sold with cash, however cash can by no means be sold. Sleep can not be sold from.

The which means of pronouncing is that guy is dropping the actual happiness of his existence withinside the preference of proper happiness after which he wanders right here and there looking for the equal proper happiness after which ultimately he is familiar with simplest human provider and goodness. Human philanthropy is the largest existence giver, so let’s examine this little inspiring Moral Stories in this idea and recognise how a human could make his existence higher through doing appropriate to others in his existence.

Once upon a time, a person went to a saint with the goal of creating his lifestyles higher and stated to the saint, “O Saint Maharaj, I even have come to you with the preference to make my lifestyles higher and beautiful, please supply me a Show me the manner in order that I could make my lifestyles higher.

Hearing this, Saint Maharaj picked up a few cotton, a candle and a stitching needle saved with him and gave them to the person and Saint stated that if he wants, he can take these items with him or maintain these items here.

Hearing those phrases of the saint, the person become in notable confusion and couldn’t apprehend how he ought to enhance his existence with this stuff after which maintaining the ones matters the identical stated to Saint Maharaj, “O Saint Mahatma. So I got here to you to recognize the manner to make existence higher, how can I make my existence higher with those small matters, please put off those confusions that got here in my existence with this stuff.

After being attentive to that man, Sant Maharaj said, “When I gave you this stuff, you probably did now no longer recognize what to do with them, however in this stuff there are hidden methods to make lifestyles better, I give an explanation for to you the intensity in their qualities. “

Then, after this, explaining the intensity of the characteristics of these 3 things, the saint said, “Look, I gave you cotton due to the fact cotton is used to make thread that is used to cowl the frame of human beings, in order that the human frame with the protected frame is used.” Can stay amongst human beings on this society with complete self-respect,

Just as cotton is used to cowl the human frame, withinside the equal manner in human life, God additionally protects the vanity of human beings and protects us from all evils withinside the society, so we have to constantly be withinside the refuge of God in our life.


Then explaining the that means of the candle, Sant Maharaj said, “Look, to present mild to others, it melts itself and sacrifices its existence for the gain of others, withinside the equal way, we human beings additionally use that candle for the existence of others.” We need to try and be like mild in order that our existence continually works for the betterment of humans and the final element I gave became needle which intended that irrespective of how torn the material can be it is able to be stitched with needle. In the equal way,

like a needle withinside the existence of others, that is, irrespective of how unhappy or damaged someone is, we need to continually be beforehand to assist him, due to the fact the person that is beneficial to others in instances of want is God. Still will absolutely help you on your time of want.

After being attentive to the phrases of the saint, the person observed a manner to enhance his existence after which lower back to his domestic thankfully taking a vow to do exact and charity to others and on this manner he observed a manner to enhance his existence.

Learning From Story

If we need to make our existence lovely and better, then we must constantly be beneficial in assisting others, due to the fact individuals who come ahead to assist others, God himself involves assist the ones human beings while needed.

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