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A Story of Opportunity

A Story of Opportunity : To circulate ahead in life, God offers same possibilities to everyone, a few humans apprehend the significance of those possibilities and take gain of those possibilities and those humans are a success and those also are like that they stay at the accept as true with of God and anticipate from God. Will deliver them the whole lot however they neglect about after which they simply hold waiting.

So allow us to discover a small possibility in this wondering and inform the tale of Motivational Short Kahani, from which we get a massive lesson.So allow us to discover a small possibility in this wondering and inform the tale of Motivational Short Kahani, from which we get a massive lesson.

Once upon a time there has been a village close to a river wherein all of the human beings have been residing fortunately after which as soon as withinside the wet days there has been heavy rain, because of which the water of the river unexpectedly began out increasing, there has been a excessive flood withinside the village. Because of this, all of the human beings began out leaving the village to store their lives, however someone from the village who had religion in God that not anything could take place to him, then he went to the village temple to store his life.

But because of heavy rains and floods of the river, the water became growing because of which a few humans got here to the temple searching for saving the lives of the villagers and requested that individual to go together with him, however that individual refused to move along. That he’s withinside the refuge of God, not anything will occur to him.


But after that the water of the flood become growing even more, so a few humans got here to that individual with the assist of boat and requested to move alongside to shop his lifestyles however this time additionally the individual refused to move alongside and stated that he It isn’t always like others, God himself will come to shop him.

But because the water of the flood become increasing, that man or woman began out feeling that he might now no longer be capable of live safe, then he went to the dome component above the temple to keep his life, however nonetheless the water become increasing. Some human beings got here with the aid of using helicopter to assist the human beings trapped withinside the flood.

And hung the rope under thru the helicopter and stated to the individual that to store your life, arise via way of means of maintaining the rope, store your life, however that man or woman once more repeated the equal component that he must assist different humans, he must be unwavering on his God. Believe that not anything can show up to him, regardless of again and again announcing that the man or woman did now no longer move in that helicopter, and then the humans of the helicopter went searching for some other man or woman.

Time surpassed and the water changed into increasing, on which the character commenced to sense that his existence couldn’t be saved, then crying on his situation commenced praying to God that “O God, I spent my complete existence in worshiping you, Walked at the direction of fact in the course of life, but you probably did now no longer come to keep us, and then God’s voice become heard from his heart, “O man, I actually have come three instances in specific bureaucracy to keep your life, however you’ve got got given all the ones 3 possibilities to you.” Lost it, now you do now no longer apprehend those possibilities, then not anything can appear to you, there may be no fault of God in this.

Hearing this, the character become very sorry, he become sitting withinside the wish of assist from God and God additionally gave him each feasible possibility to keep him, but he couldn’t understand those opportunities, and then he had found out his mistake. And he become repenting in his heart, then after a while the rescue groups with helicopters got here once more and this time the character went with them right away and for this reason he additionally stored his life.

learning from story ( a story of opportunity)

There are such a lot of possibilities withinside the lifestyles of each person, thru which each person can circulate ahead in our lives, however because of our ignorance, we simply hold expecting the proper time and we did now no longer get an awesome chance, like this most effective complaining at some point of our lifestyles. remains.

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